Maine + Mediterranean

A trattoria in the convivial Mediterranean tradition where friends, neighbors, and passers-by mingle over drinks on the porch or at the bar, or stay for a leisurely full-service dinner with a menu that changes daily.
Open Tuesday–Saturday, 5:30–9:00



Winter into Spring

This winter’s classes will take a trip around Italy, visiting some favorite regions and towns and their culinary delights. If you’re planning an Italian trip this year, here’s a good way to get a start. Many people don’t realize that Italy's cuisine, dialect and local customs are still almost entirely regional. There are 20 regions, from Valle d’Aosta high in the Alps, down to Puglia in the extreme southeast. We’ve chosen three of Sara’s favorites to highlight and hope you’ll decide to join us for one, or all.

Classes will be held for at least six people and a maximum of twelve, and include dinner with a glass of wine. Cost is $150 per class (plus tax), or three classes for $400

To sign up, click the link below, or call the restaurant at 207-236-8880.


Maine winters being what they are, classes may be rescheduled or postponed altogether if the weather demands it; in the case of postponement, deposits will of course be returned.