Maine + Mediterranean

A trattoria in the convivial Mediterranean tradition, where friends and neighbors, tourists and passers-by, mingle over a glass of wine on the porch or a cocktail at the bar, or stay for a leisurely full-service dinner with a menu that changes daily depending on what’s fresh and in season. We’re open for dinner at 5:30 every night, Tuesday through Saturday.

Tuesday–Saturday: 5:30–9:00

Blizzard by Peter Ralston

Blizzard by Peter Ralston


Celebrating Winter 2017

Have you heard of hygge? The Scandinavian magic of coziness, warmth, friendship and food? Even the New York Times is talking about it! Here on the coast of Maine we know it well, we call it "huggy" and it keeps us warm all winter.

We’ve planned a series of classes throughout the winter, late afternoons into dinner time. Each class will include cooking demos, hands on lessons, and a three-course meal based on what we’ve prepared, with a glass of wine to match the food and more wine available at a regular charge.

So come experience hugginess, learn the secrets of a warm and welcoming kitchen, and join us, Chef Sara Jenkins and her mother, food-writer Nancy Harmon Jenkins, in the cozy environment of Nīna June, with a group of like-minded folks to learn some kitchen secrets and have a grand time.