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Nina June is a beautiful space in a beautiful location serving beautiful food carefully sourced and carefully prepared. We are a full service, fine dining restaurant with a full bar and a small menu that changes daily
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Rome, the eternal city with 3000 years of traditions weaving through its culinary landscape is also always changing.  Many of the dishes we think of as most authentically Roman only came about a 100 years ago when peasants from the Abruzzi region moved to Rome and began operating humble trattorias where they served the basic pastas of their pastoral territory.  Other dishes harken back to the history of the Jews in Rome going all the way back to King Herod.  That said Roman food is not static and on a recent visit I was delighted to find an exciting revaluation of historical dishes and a new freedom to incorporate ingredients from away.  In this class we will learn how to cook classic dishes in a modern way starting with polpettine di bollito-bread fried croquettes filled with braised meat, a perfect and classic carbonara and a new twist on pollo ai pepperoni, roast chicken with peppers

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Price includes dinner and a glass of wine.
Take three classes for $400