Maine + Mediterranean

A trattoria in the convivial Mediterranean tradition where friends, neighbors, and passers-by mingle over drinks on the porch or at the bar, or stay for a leisurely full-service dinner with a menu that changes daily.
Open Tuesday–Saturday, 5:30–9:00




Sicily, as the largest island in the Mediterranean, is a nation unto itself, quite apart from Italy, the mainland. We’ll work with several of the dishes that illustrate that specialness, including sfincione, a very distinctive take on focaccia; polpettine—meatballs, except made from vegetables; caponata, that icon of the Sicilian kitchen, and finally a fish dish and a salad that take special advantage of Sicily’s finest olive oil, lemons, garlic and anchovies, all uniqely characteristic of Sicilian cuisine.

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Price includes dinner and a glass of wine.
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