Maine + Mediterranean

A trattoria in the convivial Mediterranean tradition, where friends and neighbors, tourists and passers-by, mingle over morning coffee and a muffin, an easy-going pasta lunch, or a full-service dinner with a menu that changes weekly depending on what’s fresh and in season.

Dinner: Wed–Sat, 5:30–9
Brunch: Sat, 10–2

Summer hours begin June 1:
Dinner: Tue, 5:30-9:00
Wed–Sat, 5:30–9:30
Brunch: Sat, 10–2
Sunday Lunch: 11.30–2

Mediterranean Greens, Grains & Beans

Mediterranean Greens, Grains & Beans


Getting ready for summer, we’ll look at the great vegetarian traditions from across the Mediterranean. The traditional diet uses meat sparingly, and lots of dishes are pure and simple vegetarian. Hearty combinations of beans and grains with sweet spring greens and herbs, prove that vegetarian can be every bit as exciting as roast chicken or grilled steak.
      Falafel, crispy fried fava bean fritters from Lebanon with a garlic-tahini sauce; chickpeas (garbanzos) braised with tomatoes and toasted almonds from Catalonia; oven-roasted carrots with orange flower water, cilantro & black olives; farinata di cavolo nero: a robust main-course soup from Tuscany, with beans and winter greens, thickened with a handful of cornmeal.

$150 (10% off if you purchase 3 classes)
$40 deposit to reserve your spot

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