Maine + Mediterranean

A trattoria in the convivial Mediterranean tradition where friends, neighbors, and passers-by mingle over drinks on the porch or at the bar, or stay for a leisurely full-service dinner with a menu that changes daily.
Open Tuesday–Saturday, 5:30–9:00



Join Nina June throughout this fall on a romantic tour of the Mediterranean, sailing away to Beirut, Istanbul, and Tunis--without ever leaving our comfortable berth overlooking Rockport harbor.

Thursday, November 16

First stop Beirut, to sample the tastiest cuisine of the entire Middle East. Living in Beirut as a child, Sara learned to love typical dishes, from baba ghannouj to lamb kibbee to spicy baked fish. She's created an exciting menu just for tonight so she can share it with you.

Thursday, November 30

Magic metropolis on the Bosporus, the shimmering waterway that links Europe and Asia, Istanbul has the richness of an ancient empire with the bustle of a modern city whose nightlife puts New York to shame. Tonight's totally Turkish menu goes from meze, delicious little antipasto snacks, to heart-warming yogurt soups, savory rice pilaf, and lamb and seafood in several guises, all accented with Turkish pickles and some of the fabulous tomato and red pepper pastes straight from Nīna June’s most recent shopping tour in the vastly entertaining Kadiköy market.

Come join the delicious fun as we take off on a direct flight to Byzantium!

Thursday, December 14

Tonight it's Tunis, the white city that gleams in dazzling sunlight above the African edge of the Mediterranean, where Saharan spices meet the fresh herbal fragrance of the Inner Sea, where couscous is the pride of every kitchen, and where almost every dish is brightened with harissa chili paste that adds a gentle touch or a huge wallop of heat. With thick soups from market stalls or the fragrance of a rose-scented sweet, Tunisia’s cuisine is infused with complex aromas and flavors. Join us for tonight's special menu and wander the winding alleys of one of North Africa’s oldest and most enticing souqs.