Maine + Mediterranean

Nina June is a beautiful space in a beautiful location serving beautiful food carefully sourced and carefully prepared. We are a full service, fine dining restaurant with a full bar and a small menu that changes daily
Open Tuesday–Saturday, 5:30–9:00


middle eastern thursdays

1 night in aleppo 04.11.19

Join us for our exploratory menus of some of the worlds finest cuisines!


1 night in Istanbul


SOUP, dilled fish soup...10

MUSSELS, battered & fried, w/ hazelnut tarator sauce...14

PEPPERS & APPLES, apples & house dried peppers,
stuffed w/ rice & spiced lamb & pine nuts...14

LAHMACUN, flat bread w/ spicy lamb & pine nuts...16

BREAD, flakey bread w/ tahini & sesame seed, anchovy rolls...8

MEATBALLS, goat meat, warming spices, yogurt, flat bread...14

TONGUE, Tide Mill organic beef, poached, sliced thin,
toasted cumin & olive oil...14

PERDE PILAVI, veiled pilaf w/ rice almond & chicken...16

MANTI, lamb dumplings, yogurt sauce, paprika & mint butter, fried onion, toasted pine nuts...18


KEBAP, grilled minced lamb & onion skewer...25

ÇIÇ TAVUK, marinated & grilled chicken & peppers...24

MACKEREL, seared filet, pickled red cabbage, carrots & arugula...24

*STEAK, Niman ranch hanger, grilled apple, shaved red onion & sumac...30

RICE, cooked w/ tomatoes...7

some items may not be available, this menu os a work in progress

Reservations are available for any time between 5:30 & 9:00 pm and as usual the menu will be entirely à la carte

please make reservations by calling 207-236-8880 or on our reservations page